Quran In English Language

Quran Is Available Now In English Language

Today the world has become a place where people are afraid to lead their lives because of the various terrors like terrorist attacks, wars between different countries on different issues, issues between different religions and many more. The problem behind all these issues which are making our world a dangerous place is the ideology of people who are living in this world. Not a single religion that is present in our world asks for any kind of war in order to keep its existence, but on the other hand the followers of these religions are starting different kinds of wars in between them which are making our world a worst place to live.

There are many incidents that happen every year in which some terrorist groups are attacking some or other place of this world and causing death of several innocent people. The question here arises, is the killing of innocent people and children will help in establishing a religion in this world. War is never a solution of any problem which is going on between religious groups. It has been found out that eight percent or even more terrorist attacks that are going on in our world are from one single religious group. People who are doing it are doing it for the sake of their religion. But the holy book of that religion that Quran has nothing in it which can prove the doings of its followers correct. There is one website present in internet naming Bridges to common ground has got many instances and incidents present in Quran in English which describes how much devastating these actions are.

Quran Now In English

In order to make people know about the things that are present in the holy book of Quran it has now been presented in English, so that many can read it easily without facing much of a problem to understand. Quran in English is a wonderful work because many people do understand what is written in it. So, if you want to read this holy book then get your copies as quickly as possible from the market.

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